Kinglion  is located in Zhongshan city, Guangdong province, covers area of 13000 square meters. We are a professional manufacture of magnetic lock series, electric bolt series, electric strike series, electromagnetic door series, power controller series, access control series, single door control series, line protection device series, access remote series and lock decoration etc., around more than 100 kinds of products, and total more than 300 models. 

Kinglion now has a strong design and technical team. In the area of production development, management, marketing and customer service has accumulated rich experience, and with its unique and advanced technology to make our products which has good market competitive power, in strict accordance with the IS09001-2000 standard production, and using digital automatic equipment and quality monitoring system to ensure the stable product performance, safe and reliable, intelligent style followed the trend of social development, applicable to access control system, building intercom systems, emergency exits and so on, such as Olympic Games, airport, customs, subway, telecom, government, financial, factories, campus, commercial hotel, intelligent residential district, etc..

Kinglion  has always been adhering to the innovation and professionalism, from product specifications, quality, technology and design concept of service to customers. We develop and build our brand products, amd provide OEM and ODM service to the customer at the same time. 

Kinglion  will firmly and fight steadily in the industry, as in the past to provide professional, innovative products and the integrity of the service for the customer in the near future.

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