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One of the most important factors that determines the quality of furniture is furniture hardware. Many well-known furniture brands are very selective about the choice of furniture hardware. The reporter found at the recently concluded China International Hardware Show that the current development of furniture hardware has changed rapidly. Many black technologies have been applied to furniture hardware. The development of furniture hardware has also brought about the improvement of furniture quality and technological content. Gave an important impetus.

Magnetic levitation. This high-tech was originally applied to high-speed trains, but some hardware companies have applied this high-tech to furniture hardware. At the China International Hardware Show, the reporter found such a company. The sliding door hanging rail pulleys of the show used magnetic levitation technology to open and close the door and it was smooth without any sound.

At first glance, this type of mobile door displayed by this company is no different from ordinary mobile doors, but when you look closely at the guide rails under the door frame, you find that the entire door is suspended in the air, and the door's moving pulley is suspended on the guide rail. If there is any contact with the guide rail, a door is like a maglev train.

How can ordinary high-tech sliding doors be adopted? What changes and benefits will this technology bring to the product? Chen Chunyan, the head of the exhibitor of this company named Hebao Gated, told reporters that magnetic levitation is already a very mature technology. It has no technical problems when applied to sliding door pulleys of sliding doors. The most obvious change of a sliding door using magnetic levitation technology is that it is completely noiseless. The opening and closing is very smooth and extremely sensitive. If there is any obstacle, the blocking will be sensed and stop closing, which guarantees the safety of the door. Sliding doors are mainly used in public places. There have been many reports of accidents involving sliding door clamps and injuries to children. If this magnetic levitation technology is applied, such hidden safety risks will not occur.

春 Chen Chunyan introduced that this type of magnetic suspension sliding door can be used in wardrobes, indoor doors, cabinets, etc., in addition to public places. Now custom wardrobes, custom cabinets, etc. have become the market's cutting edge, especially some walk-in wardrobes and interior doors are all sliding doors. With this magnetic suspension sliding door, the opening and closing are sensitive, safe and secure, quiet and quiet, which can bring A very good experience. She said that Hebao Gated Company is a company with talents and technology as its core competitiveness and development driving force.

The quality improvement of furniture hardware products using black technology is very obvious, and there are no problems in technology application, but the increase in cost is an unavoidable problem. In this regard, some insiders said that at present, many innovative and technological enterprises are applying new technologies, new materials and new processes to their products. The use of these new technologies and new materials will definitely increase costs, but at the same time, It also increases the value and competitiveness of the product, which is beneficial to the long-term development of the enterprise. If you give up the improvement and change in order not to increase the cost, the enterprise will lose its motivation for long-term development.

In addition, the cost of using new technology products will undoubtedly increase at the beginning, and even increase a lot, but with the opening of the market, the increase in sales and production, the scale effect will bring about cost reduction. Is the development potential brought about by technological innovation