Class : 180kg double door electric lock
180kg double door electric lock
Magnetic lock SAC-M180D is surface mounted,it is available for inswing door,glass door, narrow door frame door and so on. better compatible with access control, door phone, remote control system.
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Technical Parameter Advantage Installation Diagram Dimension Diagram Quality Guarantee Statement Packing Optional Accessory
Lock dimensions: 340L*38.5W*21H mm
Armature plate dimensions: 2*130L*33W*11H mm
Holding Force: 2*180Kg(350Lbs)
Current draw: 2*420mA@12V  250mA@24V
Surface temp: +20
Operating temp: -10+55(14-131F)
Anodized aluminum housing
Suitable for: Wooden door, Glass door, Metal door, Fireproof door
Fail safe: Lock when energized 

Reliable holding force
No residual magnetism design
MOV Provides Reverse Current Protection
High Strength Material,Anodized Aluminum Housing
Complete mounting hardware included
Durable and silence operation
CE approved

Provided that faults appear and a claim is made during the period of the guarantee and faulty goods will be repaired or replaced. reject to damage is caused by human.

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Packing Qty(PCS/CTN)   12
Packing Size(L*W*H)(cm)  440*195*240 mm
Gross Weight(KG)   25.8
L Bracket SAC-L180
Z Bracket SAC-Z180
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