Double door magnetic lock SAC-M500DBZ HOT

Double door magnetic lock SAC-M500DBZ HOT
Lock dimensions: 530L*71.8W*38.8H mm
Armature plate dimensions: 2*185L*61W*16H mm
Holding force: 2*500Kg(1200Lbs)
Current draw: 2*480mA@12V / 2*240mA@24V
Surface temp: +20
Operating temp: -10+55(14-131F)
Delay time for power-ON: 0-18 Sec.
Buzzer: alarm still the door close
With sensor(NO/NC/COM)output
With LED light indication   
Anodized aluminum housing
Suitable for: Wooden door, Metal door, Fireproof door
Fail safe: Lock when energized 
Unit Weight: 9 Kg                                                                                                                                                                           1 pc/box, 3 pcs/ctn           
Ctn size: 716*274*170 mm
Standard kraft box
Corrugated carton