Fail Safe LED Electric Deadbolt SAC-B184A

All-metal construction electric bolt lock with time delay and door status signal output, suitable for glass door, wooden door, metal door .
Size: 175mm*25mm*32mm
Zinc alloy body case 
Full metal mechanical structure
Bolt: SUS304 solid stainless steel bolt
Voltage: DC12V-DC24V
Start current:1A, Active current: 110mA
Induction distance: 8 mm
Force holding:1000Kg   
Time delay: 0,3,6sec
With LED light indication  
Low Temperature situation when lock work 
Door status Output,NO/NC/COM is optional
Unit Weight: 0.65 Kg                                                         
1 pc/box, 30 pcs/ctn        
Ctn size: 385*275*310 mm
Standard kraft box
Corrugated carton